Powerful Benefits And Uses Of Garlic

Garlic is a herb that exists in different forms such as salt and powder. Its cultivation dates back to over 5,000 years. Garlic has been used for a long time to add flavor to food as well as for its health benefits. There are many benefits and uses that can be realized from daily consumption of garlic. They include:

Healthy Heart

Evidence points towards the ability of garlic being able to fight heart diseases and promote a healthy heart. Garlic is also able to lower one’s blood pressure and slow down the hardening of arteries within the body. In addition, the intake of garlic helps to fight the occurrence of strokes and heart attacks. It acts as a coagulant thereby making one’s blood thinner.

Garlic has also been found to have properties that lower systolic blood pressure. It can be very helpful to hypertension patients. The reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar levels is also possible through the use of garlic.

Protection From Group B Strep

Suggestions have been made on the effect of daily consumption of a raw garlic clove coupled with 2000 milligrams of vitamin C. These suggestions point towards how this combination can help balance gut bacteria and also avoiding GBS. More studies, however, need to be carried out to find out more about this theory.

Healthy Hair

Garlic was found to be able to reduce the loss of hair according to a study back in 2009. This was achieved when the garlic was used topically. Garlic cloves were infused into olive oil then rubbed onto the scalp to achieve these results.

Flu And Colds

Ingesting garlic can lead to the prevention of common cold and flu. This is according to a study that was done in 2001. This evidence was based on elderly people who seemed to respond better in terms of reduction of flu or colds. Do not hesitate to consume garlic during times of illness as required.

Repel Mosquitoes

No evidence had been put forth to support this theory. Nevertheless, many people believe that eating or rubbing garlic on the skin can help to repel mosquitoes. It is said that eating lots of garlic especially when going for outdoor activities such as camping can greatly help to keep mosquitoes away.


According to a study published in the Annals of Applied Biology, garlic can help in the treatment of fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. However, garlic can be irritating to the skin. Care should be exercised during the use of undiluted garlic juice.


Anti-inflammatory properties that are contained in garlic help in fighting oxidative stress. This makes garlic a potential cancer fighter. Garlic has been found to affect biological processes that are responsible for modifying the risk of cancer. This is according to an article by Cancer Prevention Research.

Garlic is able to speed up the death rate of cancer cells. It also slows the growth rate of cancer cells within the body. It is able to help in cancers that affect the breast, ovary, stomach, prostate, colorectal, larynx and esophageal. However, more research needs to be done to find out the connection between garlic consumption, diet and lifestyle, and cancer risk.

Ear Infections

Infections within the ear can either be viral or bacterial. Garlic can help deal with these infections within ears. It acts as a natural antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial remedy.

Taking garlic on a daily basis can be very useful when it comes to reaping its health benefits. Garlic can be used in cooking or making salad dressing. It can also be taken as capsules or mixed with water. Daily consumption of this herb can help one to realize its uses and benefits.

Is Sparkling Water Healthy Or Is It On The Naughty List?

People often hear about the detriments of drinking soda, but of course that is much different than enjoying sparkling water. While medical professionals do warn people about carbonated drinks, sparkling water doesn’t contain the sugar and other unhealthy ingredients that puts soda on the naughty list.

While that classifies sparkling water as ‘less unhealthy’ than soda, it doesn’t yet highlight any reasons to partake of the beverage because of its benefits. Yet, that’s not the end of the story. You’re about to learn just why you might want to add sparkling water to your diet, especially if it is a beverage you already enjoy.

Do carbonated beverages dehydrate you? This question has long been answered with a yes, but there are experts that say it’s not true. They would argue that sparkling water is going to hydrate you just like water would indeed.

Furthermore, there is evidence that carbonation can actually help your digestive system. Now, you also have to remember that too much of anything is never good. There is a true story about a person who died from a carrot juice addiction. Carrots are good for you, but too many of them killed the man.

Pardon the morbidity, but it is to make a point here. Sparkling water has its health benefits, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that it should be enjoyed in moderation. Drink plenty of regular water and other healthy beverages, too.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that filtered sparkling water is the best version of the product. And did you know that the carbonation in sparkling water can actually help in terms of suppressing your appetite? That can especially be beneficial if you are trying to lose weight.

Everyone knows that drinking only water can at times leave you a bit unsatisfied. The carbonation of sparkling water can pack an extra punch and keep you motivated as you are dieting.

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Then there are those times when people choose to stay away from water and drink coffee or soda instead, both of which will leave you unsatisfied and dehydrated over time. Perhaps you want to add sparkling water to your day to help ensure that you continue to get enough water and stay hydrated.

I was looking at a recommendation for offices to have sparkling water dispensers. It talked about how the coffee and dehydration can really hinder employee productivity midday. Think about dehydration and how it could be related to your energy level.

Many people find a nice glass or bottle of sparkling water to be very refreshing. Are you looking at buying one of the filtered systems for your home or business? Doing so could save you money if you are going to regularly drink carbonated water.

When you look at the products available commercially, you are also going to see that brands have flavored products on the market as well. As with any beverage you try, you are going to want to be sure that you examine the list of ingredients.

As mentioned, if you have a problem drinking enough water daily, sparkling water can help. But don’t allow it to excuse you from drinking regular filtered water. You still need to work on that, too.

Many of us don’t drink enough water each day. I try, and it’s not always easy. Sometimes a nice tall glass of ice water is like heaven. Other times, you’re just dealing with your day and have your mind on other things. Maybe it is time to add a nice tall glass of sparkling water to your day, just to shake things up a bit. It sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?